” What if we could change the world and have one billion people hold hands around the world for climate change ”

“Hands around the world” is inspired by the legacy of world leading humanitarian and visionary, Ken Kragen, the creator of We Are the World and “Hands Across America”. Using cutting edge hologram technology and the power of Augmented Reality and Social Media, Neil Morgan is an experienced technologist and conceived this incredible idea with Ken to have one billion people holding hands around the entire world in a virtual selfie chain for Climate Change.

We are using special holographic technology to scan in major international celebrities and our Augmented Reality app gives you the unique ability to take a photo standing beside your favourite celebrity holding hands with them. We then combine these hundreds of millions of photos and stitch them together in a line that will encircle the world.

Key features :
  • This project combines everyone’s desire to take selfies with major celebrities and influencers.
  • We have created an app for modern smart phones that will allow people to download holographic images of major celebrities and take a photo standing beside them holding their hand. We then combine this photo with hundreds of millions of others to form a virtual selfie chain called “Hands Around the World.”
  • Our target is to raise billions of dollars, raise awareness and create a database where we can call people to action for Climate Change issues and impact projects.
  • It’s the simplicity of this idea and its huge potential impact that makes it so appealing. Nothing like it has ever been done before and we have the technology to accomplish it.
  • We are creating a new “We are the World” type song called “Hand in Hand” spearheaded by internationally recognized composer and academy award winnerA.R. Rahman. The song will have the unique ability for you to choose from a selection of famous recording artistsand select your own combination of who you would like to sing on the chorus.
  • We are creating a unique blockchain donation platform that will show complete transparency where all funds are allocated. It will also allow users to trace their donations and provide them the ability to direct their money into a selection of climate projects.