Neil Morgan

Neil Morgan
CEO & Co-Founder

Neil Morgan has over 20 years’ experience working throughout international markets facilitating sophisticated business introductions and capital investments. He has a strong proven track record in assisting businesses with the right connections and right advice to fast track success. Neil is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Connected Capital and Good Hands Productions.

He previously held senior executive roles at KPMG and other noteworthy global consulting firms. Over the last several years Neil has been involved in cutting edge Mixed Reality technologies and their applications to social media and Global impact. He has demonstrated competence in managing complex business transactions and effective liaison at CEO and Board levels. Neil’s key competencies are innovation, perseverance, developing deep and trusted business relationships and business development. He has an innate ability to open doors and make the right connections and prides himself on integrity and delivering on promises.

Notable Achievements
  • Neil works closely with his two mentors Robert S Block who was the inventor of Pay Per View Television and with Ken Kragen who was responsible for “We are the World” and “Hands Across America”. He works closely with high profile international leaders in technology and is in regular liaison with organizations such as Intel, TikTok, Samsung and SM Entertainment. He created and is currently working on the high-profile international project “Hands Around the World” linking 1 Billion people across the planet for Climate Change. “”Neil is the walking edition of the human LinkedIn. Contacts are the key to success and Neil’s brand is his reputation. He is intelligent, articulate, extremely personable, highly motivated and an Entrepreneur with a zest for life.” James Gorry Senior IBM Executive