Hold my hand. Save the earth.
An Act for
Saving Our Planet
The simplicity of this idea is perhaps its greatest strength. The simple act of holding hands is something that every person on the planet can identify as a sign of unity and connecting to our fellow man. With the power of Hologram Augmented Reality technology and Social Media it is now possible to create a global “selfie” chain of people holding hands around the entire globe.

” What if we could change the world and have one billion people hold hands around the world for climate change ”

“Hands around the world” is inspired by the legacy of world leading humanitarian and visionary, Ken Kragen, the creator of We Are the World and “Hands Across America”. Using cutting edge hologram technology and the power of Augmented Reality and Social Media, Neil Morgan is an experienced technologist and conceived this incredible idea with Ken to have one billion people holding hands around the entire world in a virtual selfie chain for Climate Change.

We are using special holographic technology to scan in major international celebrities and our Augmented Reality app gives you the unique ability to take a photo standing beside your favourite celebrity holding hands with them. We then combine these hundreds of millions of photos and stitch them together in a line that will encircle the world.

Led by two time Academy and multi-grammy winning composer AR Rahman and internationaly recognized composers Julia Suzanna Sokolowska, Daniel Caesar and Kevin Doucette

This new song will be an anthem for the HANDS AROUND THE WORLD project and climate change.

Our intent is to have the song in multiple languages uniting the world with the power of music.


Focus on the areas where suffers climate change by large circle

Islands in Tuvalu

Desertification in

Wildfires in
Amazon rain forest

Melting ice
in Antarctic

Exploding underground
methane bubbles in Arctic